Tuesday, November 24, 2009

God is not a hit man

Using Psalm 109:8 as a veiled exhortation to kill the President isn't just hateful and ignorant, it's a willful misinterpretation of the Bible.

I know the religion-obsessed sociopaths (and you know who you are) out there think the Bible means just what they want it to mean, but antics like this just underline they're not about God or love.

Far from it.

The right wing in Longmont (and throughout America) are beating their war drums with one hand and short-stroking violent psychos with the other. They need to keep in mind that crazy people sometimes slip the leash and do unexpected and embarrassing things. Sometimes horrible things.

Mostly they just prove that organized religion can be a terrible negative influence (especially on the mentally imbalanced) when someone decides God is speaking through them and the 'bad people' must be punished.

It's time for the few decent people left in the GOP to stand up and denounce the raging hatred that the bigots have stoked in the small minds of the lunatic fringe. Will they do it? I doubt it - 'anything to win' is the new mantra of the GOP. I just wonder how much of their souls will be left by the end of the next election. I doubt they care either.

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R. Anthony Lee said...

In all fairness, the author at "Truth and prayer" criticizes and condemns those who abuse the Bible by quoting the verse out of context to express hatred.