Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a candidate is or isn't

I just love watching the wingnuts in Longmont twist words into more and more insane pretzels.

The most recent warp-fest included the phrase 'what a candidate is or isn't.'

Now that's some delicious irony.

Here's quick breakdown of the folks the righties are supporting and 'what they are.'

Gabe Santos
Tom Delay clone, secret smear artist
Katie Witt
Zero experience, jekyll and hyde personality
Bryan Baum
Bankster and willing accomplice to Santos

Yep... it's important that folks get out and vote because if this crowd makes it onto the Council you can count on a return to the days of Queen Julia and the Wicked Witch of the West Leona; i.e. out of control taxpayer-funded pocket-lining for developers and realtors.

And you can kiss Longmont's small-town charm goodbye.

If these loons get their way Longmont will be homogenized and big-boxed into a copy of Colorado Springs, complete with religious intolerance and a theocratic cult campus around the best open space land in the area - which the 'little people' won't be welcome to use any more.

Yes, it's important to know 'what they are' - vote Lange for mayor, Benker, Van Dusen and Fissinger - honest representatives that have stood up for what's right in Longmont. The amount of money being thrown at them should tell you how badly the right-wing wants their little fiefdom back.

Don't let them have it. Get your ballot in today.

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