Friday, October 23, 2009

The Real Coverup(s)

Here's your real coverup: Bryan & Stephanie Baum know who's behind - a smear site that attacked opponents of Gabe Santos during the last Council election. The funniest part was, when I tried to inform the public at a Council meeting, Roger Lange refused to let me speak. First the wingnuts ballyhooed about their 'big win' in silencing me (which they endlessly screech people are trying to do to them) but then, they slam Roger for denying people Freedom of Speech. Talk about two-faced flip-flopping hypocrisy - a specialty of our fake 'truth tellers'. Even the general public is getting disgusted with these two.

A recent article from these self-absorbed smear merchants indicates that a picture was taken down because someone complained to

The complaint was due to Copyright Infringement. The image was taken, without my permission, from a personal archive on The 'complaint' was a DMCA takedown order. The fact that the image came down indicates the complaint had substance, unlike 99.9999% of the bullshit coming out of the mouthpieces of the wingnuts.

The right-wing loons in Longmont screech endlessly about being 'stalked' and 'threatened' and frankly I've had enough of their lies.

I've had my images stolen (yes, stolen, it's illegal to use someone's photographs without their permission), my Facebook page mined, veiled threats made about my fiancee, been called and threatened at home and more. Only rank cowards and grade-school children think that kind of behavior is appropriate.

In the comments on the Times-Call a threat was made that Kaye Fissinger should be sued for the damage she's (supposedly) done to our community.

Discovery in that case would be endlessly revealing.

The threats keep getting more and more strident and unhinged - could it be that they realize they've overplayed their hand and are in definite danger of losing this Council election? All that money, all those robo-calls (that people fucking hate), mailers and endless smear-fests on Times-Call stories is turning off the voters, not 'energizing their base' like they hoped?

PS - the recent ballyhooing about Kaye Fissinger's paperwork turned out to be more mindless drivel, Valeria Skitt ruled no penalties. Once again, the smear merchants, eager to spout lies, screwed up and made it clear that truth is not their primary product.

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