Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Benker's opposition going into meltdown

Reports coming in from campaign volunteers canvassing for Karen Benker and Kaye Fissinger indicate strong support. Independents are near-unanimously supportive of them.

The more-or-less nonstop howling from her opponent(s) gives one to believe that their reality distortion field isn't quite working to plan.

Longmont's voters have figured out where the real threat to the city is and they're voting for people that don't run smear campaigns using anonymous blogs or have paid shills hammering away day and night, making up lies and pulling every kind of vicious, ignorant stunt imaginable.

Nope, I get the feeling that the tide has turned and the garbage is about to get washed out to sea.

But the votes aren't in just yet, so we'll see.

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