Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beat Itself First

From this article at the Times-Call:

McInnis makes Longmont stop, calls for GOP unity by Scott Rochat

Republican candidate Scott McInnis told a Longmont audience that Gov. Bill Ritter can be beaten — but only if the GOP doesn’t beat itself first.

“Despite all the advances in engineering, we’ve never perfected a circular firing squad,” he joked to an audience of about 25 on Wednesday afternoon.


From the comment stream:

A mere 20% of people nationwide now identify themselves as Republicans. Sounds to me like they've done a fantastic job of perfecting the circular firing squad.
MikeRochip, Longmont, CO , 10/22/2009 9:16 AM
I have to agree Mikey... I have to agree. Let's hope the trend continues. It can only benefit the country if sane authentic conservatives step away from the lunatic fringe that's come to be defined as the GOP.

Gee... the fortunes of the rabid right sure have changed since the days of:

"Permanent Republican Majority"


"...hunting Democrats with dogs..."

...ya think maybe it's because they can't take their own advice about 'civility' and 'transparency' ?

Ya think?

Might want to examine your own behavior folks, I know it's agonizingly painful to step outside the echo chamber, turn from the book of Leviticus to the words of Jesus and actually feel some compassion (especially since it's just so durned unprofitable...) but give it a shot, you might find it makes the world a much more pleasant place to live.

...or you could go boar-hunting and make it sporting by just using your bare hands instead of a rifle that lets you stand back a hundred yards in safety and comfort. Maybe then you'd appreciate what eight years under George Bush, Karl Rove and the frothing theocrats was like for the rest of us.

Ya might want to hurry though - the ground's coming up at you awfully fast.

I think you should just wait.

Close your eyes and ignore the numbers.

Thaat's right... just pretend it's not really happening... listen to Rush... uh huh... there ya go... buh bye

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