Friday, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Cowards, Part 300 of an endless series

It's sad... people that howl and bark endlessly about 'transparency' posting anonymous hate all over the web.

For example, at this article on The Boulder Weekly about all the outside money being pumped into the campaign, the following comment was posted:

Oh yawn, apparently Mr Wray is again attempting to distribute his pdf to the world. Guess Mayor Lange shutting him down at a council meeting when he tried to share it there too wasn't enough.
Mr Wray, no one cares what you think or say. But, for the laugh of it all I thought I'd again tell you that. How about sending more emails to your fab 4 on council telling them how certain bloggers who have made you look like an idiot need to get their a** kicked again.
People who disagree with you are not just "old guard" but apparently you are the one who keeps acting like an old guard, redistributing the same old information over and over and over. Kind of like a little dog who barks and barks out of loneliness hoping someone will notice.

Maybe you'd like to share with readers why you turned around an email that was in reference to your blogger and candidate Kaye Fissinger attacking a sitting councilmember to make it look as if someone was sounding the bugle horn to announce incoming attacks.
Go back to vandalizing LifeBridge's church sign. And hacking into computers. And talking about injury to the ears of the dog of your adversaries. You're old. And on guard. And irrelevant.

Now I have no idea who posted this comment since they didn't have enough of a pair to use their real name, but I'd like to say:
  1. I didn't vandalize the LifeBridge sign, I just posted the image of it after it happened and boy did that piss some folks off (apparently).
  2. The information (s)he's referring to is a presentation linking Gabe Santos to the smear campaign against Richard Juday during the last election.
  3. I've never 'hacked into' any computer, never been accused or charged, nothing. That's bullshit.
  4. If the blogger being referred to is who I think it is... well, Don Coulson covered him pretty well.
  5. As for being made to look like an 'idiot' by same blogger, I'm afraid (s)he's taken that title for him (her?) self with the obsessive and endless stream of made-up attacks on Karen Benker, Sean McCoy (and the entire McCoy family) not to mention anyone else that (s)he disagrees with. (personally I think it's a group since collectively they don't have the stones to post under their own names, so much for all that money and those boar hunts).
  6. On guard? Hell yes, especially with the kind of sociopaths at work in our community.
  7. Irrelevant? Maybe, but I mean enough to this person for them to stalk me all over the web and post childish attacks like this everywhere they see me.
  8. Old? LOL! Time will wound that heel.

They just keep proving that they're cowards, liars and have no respect for the law or freedom of speech. They intend to intimidate their opponents into silence any way they can - but it's not working so I suspect they're starting to panic; especially since the election may very well go badly wrong for them.

Can't wait to see the results.

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