Thursday, September 10, 2009

Psychotic Dipshit Greg Brophy At It Again

Just got a mailer from:

WTP - Energy Tax Response Unit
Attn: Sen. Greg Brophy, Legislative Dept.
Post Office Box 88
Denver, CO 80201

with the ominous message:


and it contains a badly-duplicated courier-type mailer (looks like 1950s technology) filled with gibberish about taxes.

Dear (name);
"To avoid disconnection of your home and office power, please remit payment of $3900 to the United States Treasury."
If the radical environmentalists get their way, "rich" folks like you and me just might receive such a demand to "pay up, or go dark" -- and under "Cap and Trade", there's a back-door production tax on everything - right down to our candles!

It really pains me that this hillbilly nitwit actually represents Wray, Colorado - he dishonors my family name every time he opens his gap-toothed mouth.

The worst part about this mailer is that it's designed to swamp Udall and Markey's phones since it's clearly aimed at older higher-income bracket GOP members.

The right in Colorado is on the run and the dirty tricks are coming out - tell your older right-wing relatives and friends that Greg Brophy is a psychotic idiot (in case they don't already know it) and to ignore this mailer - it's just another 'fear and smear' attempt by the wild-eyed wingnuts.

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