Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The politics of personal destruction

Now I know the right wing in Longmont is terrified they're going to lose the next election.

The problem with these kind of attacks is that they have a nasty habit of boomeranging.

Like this:

From: Jenny Garcia [mailto:jennyfromtheotherblock@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 10:15 PM
To: (redacted)
Subject: Re: your website

I wanted to fill you in on something I find interesting. Your website is designed by Doug Wray (you're listed on his "client" page on his business website. The irony is, you are a realty company, and Doug has continually voiced his disdain for Realtors - a sampling of his wok appeared just tonight on one of his blogs: http://wtf-bfd.blogspot.com/ where he writes, "Golly. I wonder what you have to do to be 'agreeable' to a Board of Realtors. I'm thinking pentagrams and blood are involved somewhere."

He has several blogs where he writes this sort of trash, bashing Realtors every chance he gets, but he doesn't mind taking money for his services from you, I would guess? If I were you, I would take my business elsewhere - utilizing someone who supports the real estate industry, not someone who criticizes it every chance he gets.

Please keep my email confidential as he is also known to stalk and threaten those who disagree with him. Thank you.
If by 'stalk' you mean 'find out who's libelling me' and 'threaten' you mean 'sue', why yes, Jenny, you're right.

It's funny that these kind of attacks are being made - I thought Mr. Santos wasn't like Tom Delay.

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