Friday, September 25, 2009

Letter to the Editor

I'm amazed at the ferocity of the online rhetoric against council members Benker, McCoy, Hansen and Levison. I spoke at city council attempting to make public legitimate documented information concerning Gabe Santos and was censured.  Apparently it's okay for folks on the (far) right to endlessly slander and smear the folks their candidates of choice are running against.

The double standard is painfully obvious - and repellent.

Civility? I doubt there's any real intent to be civil at this point. I just hope violence doesn't occur, especially considering the frequency and volume of these unhinged attacks and especially the libellous emails being sent to my private clients (and which were forwarded back to me) and the two new anonymous attack blogs.

Non-partisan? Please. The GOP-backed candidates in the city council election are using the politics of personal destruction and coyly pretending to have nothing to do with it. Only the willfully ignorant and complicit refuse to see it.

This election is about the old money and power in Longmont making a savage lunge to retake the reins of power.

It's carefully concerted, cold-blooded and remorseless - much like the recently-ousted administration.

Make sure you vote and get everyone you know to vote - the balance is precarious.

The moneyed interests are counting on your apathy.

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