Tuesday, August 18, 2009

YourHub, Home of the Lame

While I no longer post or comment on the Longmont YourHub (one of the remaining Denver fishwrap factories' foray into the web), I do keep up.

It's sad that YourHub encourages the kind of spittle-splattered slime artists that post there. I honestly don't know why people I care about bother to write on YourHub, the entire site is taken over by raving sociopaths that pretty much vent their spleens nonstop. It's kind of like Matt Drudge having all-out 'roid rage (and I mean hemorrhoid rage since they're obviously sitting on something sharp).

I have to think that there's motive for allowing it and that motive sure looks like big chunks of GOP money to me... and that smells like desperation and fear.

Ah, Colorado... some of the best journalism money can buy.

Problem is, after eight years of a crazed, dry-drunk fratboy in the White House manipulating the media, no one is really listening - except for comic relief.

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