Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No semblance of decency at all

It's my opinion that the moderators at the Times-Call have an agenda that's been handed down to them.

Several times this year, in direct violation of their own Terms of Service, comments have been approved by moderators that are direct personal attacks on myself - and now my fiancee, so much for being a paper concerned with 'family values'. Apparently if you're on the wrong side of the political equation, your entire family is fair game.

I call on the Times-Call management to follow their own rules for comments and stop this very obvious collaboration with the Santos/Burt/Musgrave hate machine.

The Times-Call's validity as an unbiased news source becomes more questionable each time it occurs since it calls into question the motives of the paper's management.

As for denouncing these tactics, not a peep from the Santos camp.


I'm shocked.

Must be busy sending emails.

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