Sunday, August 23, 2009

Like a cat covering up on linoleum

Stephanie Baum attempting to isolate her husband from her shameful behavior of not just covering up for, but aiding and abetting part of the Santos smear machinery:

(from Facebook private messages)

What? Longmont Report? Old that site even updated? Why do you let something so minor consume you? Obsessive Compulsive? Let it go...move on...isn't that the motto of the great progressive organization? It's over, it's a new day. I know you hate that I am loyal, but when entrusted with information and asked not to divuldge, I don't. That's called honor. Journalists do it all the time in not naming their sources and that's exactly what I am doing. If you villianize me for it, then you villianize all of the journalists who hold to that same honor of a promise of anonymity. But, alas this is not about me. This is about Bryan and I am not his keeper. You disn't see his name on any Watch ads did you? He's a big boy...he can formulate his own thoughts and while he seeks my opinion on things - he also talks to countless poeple around him, both conservative and democrat, to get their opinion. If I were you, I would go and talk to the Democrats in town who know him and ask them what they think of Bryan. Edwina Salazar, who heads up the Our Center. Susi Keith who heads up Boulder County Partners, Burbidge and Joann Austin (Burbudge is on the LDDA board), Dick Lyons, local attorney, Sarah Levison, Councilmember. Start with that group and if you're not satisfied I'll give you plenty more names. Let them tell you about Bryan...not me...but Bryan - and ask them what he'll do for this town, and about his leadership qualities. It's not about me, although you want to MAKE it about me, and for that, Longmont loses...and so then do me AND you.

(My response)

M. Douglas Wray
Today at 11:09am
Yes. That person insulted me, my family and my friends. By covering for him you sanctioned that behavior. I will not forgive or forget that. If you and your family are so successful, why did you feel the need to endorse and condone such unethical behavior? I've stood up publicly and put my name on the line every time I've spoken, yet for you (and your husband) this is apparently not needful. Actions speak louder than words. Trying to wrap wrongdoing in journalism does not make it right. Clearly there's a lot of power at play here and you've chosen power over community, so all the 'good works' go for naught.

(Stephanie responds)

"I was insulted by PLENTY of people via my blog, but I let it go. I was told I was a "breeder" for having kids. I was called every name imaginable - and that's the price we pay for our freedom of speech. You've said some very nasty and hateful things but yet I'm still able to forgive you for it and show compassion to you in your time of need. I guess my ability to have a short memory and always try and see the best in people is my great fault. One of my "anonymous" comments to my blog was written by Richard Juday - he wrote it anonymously but what was written and how it was written proved to be written by him. But did I seek him out? Try to out him for his hateful words? No...I let it go. Our success has nothing to do with "endorseing and condoning" unethical behavior - plus, again, I KNOW you write things without putting your name on it, on the TC comments section and is that unethical? To list your opinons (whether true or not) and not put your name to it? I truly can't see how you can attack me (and even worse, Bryan who has never taken part of any of this) when you yourself engage in such tactics. can say what you want and deny it all you want, but at the end of the day, only you and your maker know what you do and he's the only one you need to reconcile things with - and your own conscience. When Gabe was being elected, I chose power FOR my community. If you don't think things in this town are worse off than they were 3 years ago, before this council was seated, then you are in denial. If you think that this current council is in no way to blame for our current situation then you are in denial. I chose power BECAUSE I saw what was going to happen (which is what HAS happened) and chose to do what I did FOR my community so that we COULD start change in 2 years rather than 4. I did that because I love my city and want to make sure it continues to be successful. The owner of Longmont Report was in the same boat - I don't know what their motivation is now or what their actions will be...I don't even know if they care anymore. But what was said on their site is no worse than anything that was said anonymously to me, and my friends and family, but I guess I'm the bigger person because I have let it drop and have moved forward. And no, the good works have not gone for naught - the impact that Bryan has made in this community is lasting - and I beg of you to provide me with ONE person in the Progressive group (Fissinger, Bowman, Leise, Thompson, Benston, Hansen, McCoy, Van Gordon, etc) who has dedicated even HALF the time and energy that Bryan as to this community in the last 26 years - anyone who has touched and bettered the number of lives, from his work in the highschools (that hasn't even been mentioned but surely will when kids he's mentored speak out) to hours spent with local non-profits going over financials to help them write their grants, making sure every i is dotted and t crossed - you won't find one because people like Bryan are the rare exception in today's society - someone who puts others first, who puts his service work before his profession, who at times has spent more hours each week working for free than working for pay. If choose to ignore all of that then you REALLY can't see past your political blinders, and that's a shame."

Stephanie, if anyone has political blinders on, it's you. Helping a smear campaign is wrong - the fact that you continue to cover for it tells me you think it was right.

That just completely undermines any value you might have otherwise - what ELSE will you condone or justify?

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Doogman said...

Hm. Now why would Stephanie -call me- on my private phone and demand I take 'her' private emails off my blog? Once they're sent TO me they're mine. If you loons want to write to me and tip your hand, remember, I can publish what you send me. As for the threat to publish things I've sent her... do your worst, others have posted my emails before and it's done them NO GOOD.