Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun with email

I just love how the right in Longmont thinks they have control of the media. It's really cute.

Now they're digging through the electronic trash looking for anything they can use, so you know they're desperate. Especially when they start digging up my emails to council. LOL!

After some of the so-scary-I-called-the-police emails I've gotten, it's hilarious to see someone try and gin up a threat from one of my emails. It's like having a diarrhic chihuahua attack your ankle then mess all over the rug.

Cute but ultimately sad.

This is the kind of folks that want to take control of your town - thugs, smear artists and muck-rakers.

I hope you're paying attention Longmont, this is big Washington politics a la Tom Delay scaled down to home-town size.

There's big money involved and I'm personally certain it's being funnelled (oh-so-carefully-and-discreetly!) into certain pockets.

Someone clearly has been having dreams of flying again... and Erica Jong explained what that was all about long ago.


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