Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Examining Hypocrisy

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I love how some people bray endlessly about the law (copyright in particular) but have absolutely no respect for it.

I've been accused of 'stalking' and 'threatening' repeatedly*, but what can be said about someone so consumed with hate that they continually scour my personal website and my Facebook page for things to attack me with** and rip off my photos from my Flickr feed? Who's 'stalking' whom? If I considered them a threat it would be worrysome, but they're so pathetically sad it's more comic relief than anything else. I honestly feel sorry for someone who has such a burning need to attack people constantly. It tells me they're pent up.

Please, get an enema, get laid, go for a long drive in the garage, whatever it takes. Maybe buzz the city repeatedly and make as much racket with your aircraft as possible - that's really something a 'professional pilot' would do and doesn't make the other pilots look so good either.

Please, keep it up, you make yourselves more and more an example of what this city repudiated in the last election - and will very likely again, regardless of how much money and energy you throw at this election. The public is on to the tricks of the lunatic fringe and they're not going to fall for them again.

It's time for people that don't run smear campaigns using catspaws to get elected - and I believe they will.

What will the lunatic fringe do then? Norm Coleman is a good example.

* and not one thing has come of it, which means the accusations are fantasy.

** like the oh-so-classy veiled insults (on Times-Call stories) referring to my wife's death from cancer as well as references to my new fiance - those are somewhere in the 8-year-old range of childishness and far beneath supposed 'pillars of the community' behavior. What's more repulsive is the Times-Call 'moderators' (I'm looking right at management) -allowing- them to be published - repeatedly.

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