Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Behind the scenes

Remember the attack flyer that went out about Richard Juday during the last election?

Scott Shires.

Remember Greeley Report? Yep... Scott Shires.

I submit that LongmontReport is another creation of this person.

Note that both the flyer and LongmontReport were supportive of Gabe Santos.

I suggest you obtain a copy of my remarks to City Council tonite, they are part of the public record.

When you read them, note that Dean Lehman and the Times Call's lead political reporter were among the recipients of the 'attack' email, thus I will not be writing a letter to the editor on this subject since in my opinion the Times-Call has clearly chosen to indulge in dirty politics and misuse their public influence.

I understand Mayor Lange not allowing my comments at council, it was an attack on Councilman Santos. However, the attack started with Gabe - and this is just the beginning.

Here's the presentation I submitted.

Here's the text of my speech:

“Let the Attacks Begin”
What we will present to you tonight is sensitive and it is unfortunate that it is necessary. What began in January 2008 must not be repeated in November 2009.

The only way to prevent ugly campaign practices may be to pull back the curtain and expose those who have engaged in these practices. We are here tonight to do just that. Armed with this information, we hope that our community will reject these practices and those who engage in them and allow our local campaigns to be argued on the merits of the issues and the capabilities of our candidates.

“Let the Attacks Begin”
Our presentation has been titled “Let the Attacks Begin.” We chose this title, not for reasons of hyperbole, but because these are the words written by Council Member Gabe Santos on January 9th, 2008, to launch the ugliest campaign in Longmont’s more recent memories.

Council member Santos bristles at the very mention of his previous employment as a manager for former U.S. Representative Tom DeLay.

This appears to be the immediate reason for Mr. Santos subsequent attacks. Though given the nature and speed of what followed, one can genuinely wonder if any reason would have been necessary at all.

Who is Tom DeLay that his very mention produced a stream of vitriol?

Who is Tom DeLay and Why Would He Be a Trigger?
• DeLay was the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives .
• He was the “right-hand-man” to Speaker Newt Gingrich whose “Contract on America” in the 90s helped set the stage for the abuses that followed in the subsequent 12 years.
• DeLay was known as “The Hammer” for his intimidation of and threats to his own party members.

There’s more, but this should refresh memories.

It’s no wonder that Mr. Santos would be sensitive about his past employment.
Unfortunately, he learned all too well from Mr. DeLay how to run an attack campaign. But he didn’t do this alone, he had a great deal of help. Help from well-known members of our community and help from outside individuals whose sole purpose is to carry out an attack on a candidate’s behalf.

Mr. Santos authorizes attacks.
The slide on the screen is a copy of the email that Mr. Santos sent to Stacy Cornay, Frannie Follick-Hood of the Pratt organization, his wife, and former Longmont mayor Leona Stoecker.
The words are simple and straight forward. Clearly the recipients had prior knowledge of and prepared plans for what was intended to follow.

“…make sure…certain things for Gabe get done right away.”
Frannie Hood then carried the instructions out to those who have long considered themselves to be the “pillars” of Longmont’s society. Quote: “…make sure…certain things for Gabe get done right away.” The email list is long. We’ll make it easy for you to see just who these people are.

The “Pillars”
And how do these paragons of Longmont’s past movers and shakers “shake out”? They are the principles of LifeBridge/4C, including the senior minister of LifeBridge Christian Church Rick Rusaw and Reggie Golden. They are leaders of the Longmont Chamber of Commerce, including Richard Samson who is now the chair of this committee’s offspring LIFT. They are key people in Longmont’s real estate community. They are developers, public figures, well-connected industry figures, like Dale Bruns, Martin Dickey, and Barbara Brunk. And then there’s Susan Pratt, Alex Sammoury, Bonnie Finley. And we mustn’t leave out the head of our very own local newspaper – Dean Lehman of the Longmont Daily Times-Call.
These are the people who were responsible for the following.

“Let the Attacks Begin” Timeline
First we have the arrival of a blog called “Longmont Report.” This blog continued to post until they were legally challenged.

Following the launch of the attacks on Longmont Report against Richard Juday, the opposing candidate, and Jen Gartner, the individual responsible for the referendum campaign to repeal the LifeBridge Union annexation, the Times- Call endorses Mr. Santos as if the endorsement were an independent judgment rather than a pre-planned action.

But they weren’t done. Oh no. Blogs don’t reach all the voters. And so arrives in Longmont mail boxes on January 19th the mailer you see on your screen. Notice the unflattering pictures. Notice also the hostile and false attacks.

• Keep Boulder liberals from annexing Longmont
• …organized campaign of lies…
• Boulder County Democrats scheme
• …Juday’s supporters reads like a who’s who of radical left-wing activists who fill the war chests of Democrats
• …big brother scheme…

The following Saturday, January 26th, an eight- page pink letter by Stephanie Baum arrives. Mrs. Baum’s husband is one of the recipients of the execution email following Santos’ instructions to attack.

After piously declaring that our election was non-partisan and that he would not take campaign contributions from a political party, Santos permits the most partisan attack of the season.

• …Gabe Santos, who is a common sense Republican.
• …assault by a radical element
• …radical left wing Democrat activists supporting Mr. Juday.
• …Boulder radicals…
• …Boulder Democrats …
• …People’s Republic of Boulder…
• …radical anti-growth…
• …dangerous social engineering…
• …Big Brother schemes
• …Boulder radicals…
• …radical special interests..
Mrs. Baum references her website, which was previously sited by the League attack mailer.

The Colorado League of Taxpayers was required to file an “independent expenditure” report with Longmont’s City Clerk. It never did. It’s also required by federal law to reveal its contributors. It does not.

Research revealed that behind the 527 Colorado League of Taxpayers and a number of other 527s is Scott Shires. Mr. Shires was sued by Colorado Ethics Watch for a similar attack tactic in Garfield County and the courts found him liable for over $7,000 in fines.

If the statute of limitations hasn’t run out, we would encourage our city attorney to pursue legal liability for his actions in Longmont.

This is how the January 2008 campaign was conducted and these are the executioners. And Mr. Gabe Santos seated at the end of the dais is the one responsible for it. If this should happen again, will we tolerate it? We trust our community to say “no.”

Others in the community have their own horror stories to tell. Let’s hope that we won’t have new ones to tell before the year is out.


Note, the attempt to spin this neglects to mention Frannie Hood's message to Santos' campaign staffers. Nice try folks.

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