Saturday, May 9, 2009

Old, Tired and Soon to be Extinct

The GOP has been losing altitude for a long time - both engines out and on fire, upside down and spiralling towards the ground - while Dubya and pals had a drunken kegger in the White House while his frat-boy pals raped and pillaged across the world.

But, as any sane person knows1, sooner or later you have to take your underwear off your head, sober up and go home.

Trouble is during this last drunken power-binge the vicious GOPasaurs gorged themselves so deeply that virtually every creature on the planet with warm blood figured out they had to be stopped. The fate of the GOP is obvious from this chart at, the number of people willing to self-identify as 'Republican' drops off sharply below the age of 70 - so the kids that voted for Obama this time around will likely continue as Dems for at least the next generation. No wonder the lunatic fringe is scrawling poo on the walls even more than usual - no one can stand the smell of their Kool-aid, let alone the taste2. The scams of the mega-rich and stupid-powerful keep getting exposed - it's enough to make a Rockefeller smash the good crystal. What's worse though, is when those pesky Dems start talking about having a little empathy. Good grief! Empathy? Caring? Showing some human kindness? Eveyone knows there's no profit in that. Trouble is, after Reagan and his pathetic bullshit of 'trickle down' and then Dubya's idiocy, the GOP brand is so smeared with shit no thinking person would even consider associating with it.

The mighty in the "Conservative"3 cause keep getting called out for their raging and agonizingly-obvious hypocrisy - by the very people they love to sell weapons to... so their balls are truly in a vice. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

So it's absolutely no surprise that the vicious idiots that got them into this mess should keep on yowling the same stupid advice: stay the course! Lackeys can't make the same kind of retarded mistakes and expect to keep their jobs - dammit!

What has this country come to?!

I'll tell you what it's come to: a nation of laws, not men - but the outskirts are still filled with angry, bible-thumping idiots with guns and it's going to take another decade for them to either die or blow off enough fingers that they can't pull a trigger anymore.

1. Longmont's Lunatic Fringe excepted of course - underwear on the head is high fashion to them.
2. Maybe it's all that added hemlock
3. I use quotes because the 'right' is anything BUT conservative, the only thing they 'conserve' is their genes by interbreeding


ToLo said...

Don't be over-confident. Nationally, the Pugs are dirt, but locally ... they can still win elections if they just tell the right lies. Watch out for governor's races and other "lesser" political spots; the mantra of "Taxes=BAD" and "Freedom= GOOD" can still sway the simple-minded.

Doogman said...

True. True. The power of said mantra can be seen in two terms for both. Like someone smashing their hand with a hammer saying 'that feels GOOD! Let's keep doing that!!' you can tell something's way wrong with THEM.