Saturday, May 9, 2009

Major Wingnut's Do It Yourself Post

Since my favorite far-distant-and-flapping-loudly wingnut over at the Colorado Index offered:
"...I will let the reader write his own multiple choice blog entry."
So, using the choices available, this is what I chose:

This is a social conservative dominated district and I will find it hard to recruit people to help me. I believe I would find it difficult to qualify for the ballot via the assembly process. I have little money. Pro-Life voters are immune to campaigns on pocketbook issues. My campaign has yet to convince an independent to register Republican. I am worried sick about the fact that The Gazette is keeping my candidacy a secret from voters and its impact on my campaign. It really bothers me that the 20 or so Pro-Life blogs masquerading as center right blogs haven't acknowledged that I am a candidate. I count FTS* as a social conservative blog. This election will be a blowout and I will be embarrassed.

Sounds about right to me.

Good luck Major, I'll keep a crying towel warm

(* Face the State, bought and paid for by the wingy-est of the wingnuts)

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