Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yeah, We Need MORE Guns

From the Field Negro in Philly we get:

Apple Pies, Chevies, and Massacres

I was going to blog about his O ness knocking em dead in Europe, but the tragic reality of A-merry-can life interrupted my thoughts and I decided to blog about yet another A-merry-can massacre, instead.

First, I want to thank my man Greg Fuller for sending me the following story:

"Published Mon, Mar 30, 2009 2:06pm ET by Eric Boehlert
And that the press, aside from downplaying what have now become routine, gun-related killing sprees that dot the nation,
has completely walked away from even raising the issue of gun control in the wake of the rampages?

The latest proof came in the wake of the carnage that unfolded in Carthage, North Carolina, on Sunday when a heavily armed suspect, Robert Stewart, entered a local retirement home and began randomly shooting patients and employees with a high-powered rifle. Eight were killed and three others were wounded before police subdued the man. The local police chief described the killing scene as "unimaginable, horrific, everything you can possible imagine that is bad in this world."

The thin coverage the story has received nationwide has been rather astounding. According to, in the 24 hours since news broke about the bloody killing spree, it has received just 180 mentions on cable and network television, combined (i.e. ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, and NBC.)

By contrast, the flood that didn't materialize as feared in Fargo, North Dakota, over the weekend received nearly 250 mentions during the same time span. So the flood that didn't happen got more coverage than than the killing rampage that left eight people dead in North Carolina.

Also, TV mentions of General Motors in the last 24 hours, prompted by the news its CEO is being forced out, far outnumbered the news mentions of the nursing home killing spree.
As for a discussion of gun control in the wake of the nursing home massacre, forget about it. It never came up on TV. The press has no interest in dissecting our
Rampage Nation.
UPDATE: As a reader notes, there was another killing rampage over the weekend. This
one inside a Santa Clara, California home; 6 dead (including three children), one critically injured.
To date, there have been just seven mentions of the story on cable and network news, according to"

There's more - go read.

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