Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wrongmont Forever

Reading the blogs this morning I'm struck by one thing: the right is so desperate they've mobilized every single footsoldier, serving wench and dogsbody to run around the city banging on doors screeching 'The Dems Are Coming!! The Dems Are Coming!!!'

I've seen more made-up bullshit in the past two weeks than the past two years - and that's sayin something in the post-post-9/11 world where facts used to be 'stupid things'.

The GOP has always been well-funded and vicious beyond any belief, but as of late they've taken to astroturfing on a superbowl scale. Pundits are popping out of the walls left and right - making up gibberish and then pointing to each other and howling like chihuahuas on crack as if their own disingenuous crosslinks could give them validity.

It's sad to see people so deeply in thrall to evil and stupidity, willing to do anything to get their way.

Reminds of me of badly spoiled children screaming 'NO! I WANT!! NOOOO!!!!' then violently smashing their toys and falling to the floor in a foot-kicking tantrum.

Here's a few facts to hopefully throw a bucket of water on these apoplectic assholes:
  1. Obama won. Deal. We put up with the Frat Boy for eight years, watched him send thousands to die, fuck the economy nearly to death and tear the country completely in half. The same was true for Reagan, febrile failmonger that he was. You'll fucking live. Grow up.

  2. Attacking Obama for his race underlines that you're racists, plain and simple. The signs at those pathetic, mewling little 'protests' this week made it clear that you're not so much a party as a Klan. Grow up.
  3. All the crying about feeling threatened tells me you're just a bunch of pansies, no matter how many guns you own or how much you strut. Sucking on the barrel of your assault rifle won't make you a man. Your party has failed on an epic scale repeatedly and won't figure it out - and neither have you. Grow up.
  4. Screaming about Pinnacol and invoking worker's rights was the most shamefully two-faced thing I've ever seen. The last people on earth the GOP has ever cared about are workers. What you're really worried about is anyone in the working class ever getting an education and clawing their way up - interfering with your elitist club. Grow up.
  5. Attacking Democratic public servants when you yourself have never given so much as an hour to your community makes it clear that there are parts of this town that will remain wrong forever. Grow up.
PS - did I mention that Obama won. And he's managed to do more to unite the country and solve our problems in a couple of months than Bush and his cronies did in eight years?

PPS - the GOP and their paid footservants had best pay attention to which way the wind's blowing or the next couple of elections are going to be brutal - just like the last couple.

PPPS - it's amazing what one can find in public records.

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