Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, it's over. At last.

Norm Coleman will continue to thrash, flail, spew and bark but it's OVER.

Congratulations Team Franken, a grateful nation thanks you.


ToLo said...

Except that it's not over until every court Dirtbag can run to has tossed his case out. Rachel Maddow was pointing out just tonight that the Supreme Court of Minnesota has a new appointee, a right-winger, but one who contributed twice to Coleman's campaign prior to being appointed. He'll have to recuse himself. But two other Supes have indicated that they would also have to recuse themselves. Leaving ...

Four judges.

Then what?

Coleman has already made it clear that he will outlast his opponent financially of not legally.

It ain't over until Franken has been confirmed in the senate. Votes be damned! These are Repugnicans we're talking about here!

Doogman said...

I just hope Coleman keeps it up - he's denying the state its two Senators. MORE proof that the wingnuts are slowly but surely KILLING representative government. Just like they planned all along. The GOP just isn't learning that they've not just been LABELLED the 'Party of NO' they're making certain the label will NEVER COME OFF. Heckuva job.