Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rodents at Work

It's really cute to watch a prarie dog hard at work digging. These industrious little critters manage to survive in an environment that would finish off humans in no time flat. So of course chest-thumping neanderthals with loud machines take it personally when they get in the way.

The truly ironic thing is, if the farmers of the last century hadn't been hosing down the countryside with DDT and ultimately snuffing out the raptor population as collateral damage, there would be a natural control on prarie dog proliferation.

As usual, when the heavy-handed fuck up, their typical response is 'use a bigger hammer' - which generally just makes things worse. Check your history books under 'Agent Orange' and 'carpet-bombing' - pretty much the same results. A short remission of the problem followed by wild backlash (in enlightened circles it's referred to as 'failure' but that word is anathema to the hammer-wielding comedy class).

I'm sure the well-padded good ole' boys will get exactly what they want - prarie dogs slaughtered, sky devoid of birds and only the howling of antique gasoline engines echoing through the sky - punctuated periodically by screams as parachutes fail and explosions following 'controlled flight into terrain' (a euphemism for whoopsie!).

Apparently it's all music to the ears of the junior birdmen. Or maybe it's just the sound of all that cash pouring into the till that's deafening them to the sounds of nature/disaster.

Just a sidenote - what kind of nightmarish disaster are we in store for when one of those antique windup toys goes into the biotech factory next door? Of course theres nothing naughty going on in there.

Or so we hope.

Luckily there's only a few thousand residents and a high school downwind - nothing to worry about there at all. Why, airplanes hardly ever crash and then they don't do much damage at all.

Move along, nothing to see.


Kaye Fissinger said...

Good post, Doug. I have no doubt that the pds will remain at the southwest corner of the airport, at least for the foreseeable future. The city will be building a more reliable fence to contain them. My concern is the method of extermination used for those outside this area. It appears that there are plans to use aluminum phosphide which causes terrible pain and internal hemorrhage. There's got to be a humane was to handle this. We need Colorado's best envirnomental, wildlife and chemical minds addressing this.

Doogman said...

I'm surprised they're being THAT humane. I mean, why not combine all the various factions in Longmont - there could be a prairie dog shoot (a la Nucla, CO) followed by a prarie dog crucifixion, then a BBQ and football game using dead prarie dogs as the ball? Then the foot-stomping crowd could kick the poor lil critter even after they were dead AND gnaw their bones - just like they try to do to everyone that opposes them.