Sunday, April 26, 2009

Practical Solution

from Spiegel Online:

Dutch Use Teen Repellent

The Dutch city of Rotterdam has begun using the mosquito, a "teen repellent" is sound device intended to discourage groups of kids from loitering in the streets, making a nuisance of themselves or engaging in anti-social behavior. "It sucks! It gives me a headache," said one child who has heard it. The device emits an annoying sound with a frequency that can generally be heard only by people under the age of 25. "It's like when you've been listening to loud music for a long time and then you stop," said another. "This buzzing sound."

hat tip to Drudge Retort

Hm. More background.

Bit by bit, we regiment the world.

But this is a wonderfully gentle concept and Lucas portrayed it in THX 1138 when the protagonist was imprisoned in a 'white limbo'. The escape plan was simple - walk out.

Interesting how ideas hang around for a long time, then finally manifest.

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