Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama at Strasbourg

My wife and I watched the televised coverage of Obama speaking at a public event in Strasbourg. We were both deeply pleased that not only do we have a President that can speak in complete meaningful sentences but can do so for nearly an hour without making a complete jackass of himself - unlike Bush who could barely bark out a dozen words before gaffing horrifically.

It's clear that Obama can think on his feet, compose his thoughts and express them well. No wonder the Reich Wing despises him so desperately. All the grunting and squealing coming from the valve-clattering and soon-to-explode red portion of the blogosphere only goes to prove the GOP isn't just morally bankrupt but intellectually bereft as well.

Saw a cute rickroll of Michelle Obama's 'Whitey' tape - what ever happened with that? Uh huh, it was more lies and bullshit - just like the girl that carved a letter in her forehead and tried to claim she was attacked by a black man. Pure desperation.

It's got to be hell living in the wasteland.

Couldn't happen to a more-deserving bunch.

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