Friday, April 24, 2009

Guilt by Association

One of the folks on Christian LeFer's Facebook friends list lamented that it was unfortunate that I saw his list of friends as a 'guilt-by-association' list.

Because wingnuts are only interested in having fun on Facebook and they can separate their politics from their life. (I think it's called dissociation)

Uh huh... this sure looks like some innocent fun.

I'll stay with the guilt by association in Mr. LeFer's case - as for the lamenter... saying yes to every single 'friend me' request is, to quote another reader 'shameless' - but we've proven that a long time ago.

The endless stream of accusations of 'blocs' and 'shadow organizations' sure do ring hollow in the light of these findings. (I think that's called transferrence)

I'd love to see some of that highly-touted 'transparency' around this - one way or the other.


ToLo said...

That "Obamunism" site sure is a lot of fun.

What is the matter with these people?

It kills me to see the party of Endless War and the Patriot Act lamenting the Constitution their party destroyed.


There is no end to stupidity ...

Doogman said...

I don't see how they intend to have any kind of rational dialog if they hide behind anonymous smear sites - RUN by a cabal of right-wing hardliners. I'd bet money Renfroe and Brophy wrote some of the content on LongmontReport - what class, real statesmen. No wonder Obama threatens them, just like sunlight to things that live under rocks.