Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Desperation Grows

Spotted at

The wingnuts are hard at it trying to duplicate the progressives' success - right down to the domain names...

Here's the progressive site:

and here's their descriptor: Blogs United is a group by and for local and regional progressive political bloggers.

Here's the new wingnuttia site: (not a live link because it's a shameless attempt to steal traffic)

Here's the wingers behind it:

Alton Foley
Age: 53 - Gender: Male - Astrological Sign: Cancer - Zodiac Year (and favorite date): Sheep - Industry: Manufacturing (lies) - Occupation: Engineer - Location: United States

About Me: Just a local busy-body in Martinsville and Henry County. Happily blowing the cover of any Henry County or Martinsville politician who is desperately seeking it.

J.R. Hoeft

Age: 34 - Gender: Male - Astrological Sign: Scorpio - Zodiac Year: Tiger - Location: Chesapeake : Virginia : United States

About Me: Conservative to the core; liberal with my opinion! I have been involved in Republican politics for nearly a decade and have worked on several campaigns in Hampton Roads. Most recently, I served on the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Chesapeake. I also served on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia. I currently work in public relations.

Jim Bacon

Age: 56 - Gender: Male - Astrological Sign: Aquarius - Zodiac Year: Dragon - Industry: Publishing - Occupation: Electronic newsletter publisher - Location: Richmond : Virginia

About Me: I publish the Bacon's Rebellion blog and maintain the Boomer Project blog.

Kids... quick tip... if you're trying to distinguish yourselves as different... don't use the same domain name. The dash is code for 'I'm so lame I can't come up with a good name' and everyone knows it.

It's sad, it's lame, it's the GOP in 2009.

Much like watching lemmings running under a steamroller.

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