Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yell Louder

I've been amused by the antics of the wingnuts in Longmont the past year1 and their efforts to 'smarten up' and 'get out the message' - they've all but started sticking flyers on car windshields. I begin to wonder when they'll start holding breakdancing competitions so they can *ahem* "" (cough).

The number of 'websites'2, blogs3 and other forms of online braying4 has skyrocketed. Personally, I smell money. Lots of it. Someone's trying waaay too hard, cranking out stuff left and right, taking every single cheapshot possible - keeping up a steady drumbeat of negative postings about City Council long before the election. I have no doubt LongmontReport will suddenly lurch back to life, anonymous-coward zombie that it is.

While it's normal to see the giant, grease-coated gears of the GOP hate machine grinding away, this article tells me that maybe all this rightie-too-tightie-underwear-yanking might not yield the fruits they're hoping for:

Ailing G.O.P. Risks Losing a Generation

Americans identifying themselves as Democrats outnumber those who say they are Republicans by 10 percentage points, the largest gap in party identification in 24 years.

The gap has widened significantly since President George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, when it was a mere 3 percentage points. But by the time Mr. Bush left office in January, less than a quarter of Americans approved of his performance.

These days, 38 percent of Americans say they are Democrats, 28 percent call themselves Republicans, and another 29 percent identify as independents, according to an average of national polls conducted last year by The New York Times and CBS News.
Holy crap! That's some bad news Batman - even in so-bright-it-glows-in-the-dark red Longmont.

The flapping, flailing (and failing) Lunatic Fringe in Longmont is passing the giant Dr. Suess hat and making the deep-pocket boys (and girls) cough up big. I have to wonder what will happen should they lose in their Holy Quest To Take Back Longmont.

Here's a few (possible) headlines you might see after the LF's next epic fail:

"Developer found head-down in half-full concrete truck, workers 'saw nothing'...."

"Realtor goes missing during boar hunt, companions 'unable to offer clues'...."

"Megachurch minister fails to return from Missouri visit, staff has 'no comment'...."

"Man arrested for public drunkeness after urinating on Councilmember's door"

You get the drift. If they WIN (it's possible with the kind of $$$$$ they're going to throw at this election) it will be open season on Lefties in Longmont5 ... but if they lose... oh mommie... there's not enough vodka and tomato juice on earth to quell that hangover.

So, count on this next City Council election getting wild, there's lots on the line for the wingers so they'll be going so far over the top they'll need parachutes (or pail and mop) to get back down.

Either way, it'll be a show to remember. Take pictures.

1. Amused by some, just revolted by others.
2. Quote marks because only in the most abstract sense can they be called websites, more like 'Dadaesque cries for help'. (I'd link to one of them as an example but IMHO the site owner(s) are insane. They're skeery. Really. Actually, they're not - unless you consider diarrhic chihuahuas dangerous but who needs the porch pooped on AGAIN?)
3. Well, I -think- they're blogs... if nonstop screeching and poo-flinging qualifies.
4. Which reminds me, the GOP has definitely put the TWIT in Twitter this year.
5. And I think it might just be literal, what with the folks involved.

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