Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Outsourcing Must Stop - RIGHT NOW

The Agonist makes it quite clear:

"The pollution will hobble India's growth path, if that indeed is what the country wants. (Which I personally doubt, as India is far too conservative a country, in the small 'c' sense.)"
"The second issue, infrastructure, can be divided into four subcategories: roads, rails and ports and the electrical grid. The electrical grid is a joke. Load shedding is all too common, everywhere in India. Wide swaths of the country spend much of the day without the electricity they actually pay for. With out regular electricity, productivity, again, falls. The ports are a joke. Antiquated, out of date, hardly even appropriate for the mechanized world of container ports, more in line with the days of longshoremen and the like. Roads are an equal disaster."
"The last major problem in India is an old problem and can be divided into two parts that've been two sides of the same coin since government was invented: bureaucracy and corruption."
The more we outsource to this crumbling, corrupt mess, the greater the danger that when they collapse, we go with them.

Outsourcing was a bad idea to start with and gets worse every day - like throwing your slimy garbage in the gutter - civilized countries don't do it.

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Kaye Fissinger said...

You make a good point, Doug, one I hadn't considered.

I hope Obama will address this in regulatory reform and in tax reform. Not only should the incentives for outsourcing be eliminated, but penalties should be assessed to further impede these choices.

Too many Americans need the jobs presently being provided outside the United States by American companies.