Sunday, March 1, 2009

What actor is Longmont?

More hate leaking from the comments at the Times-Call:

In the story:

City branding study put on hold until summer

By Tony Kindelspire
Longmont Times-Call

LONGMONT — If Greeley were an actor, it would be John Wayne. Fort Collins would be Tom Hanks.

So what big-screen star would Longmont be, if it were an actor?
Longmont's mascot should be Helen Keller, since City Council seems to be blind on the "REAL" issues of Longmont. Why would you take funds from the LAEC when they help bring jobs into the community? Here is a basic math formula that even Helen Keller would be able to see for City Council to reference. Employers = Jobs and Jobs = Employees and Employees = Consumers and Consumers = Sales Tax Dollars for Longmont. Unless this is the real reason they wanted to pass the chicken coop issue, they want residents to live off the land. Why pay $75,000 for a STUDY? If it costs $75,000, how much is it going to cost to implement the study? And where are these funds going to come from? It seems like the organization that the City is using for the study are "Carpetbaggers", they did studies Greeley and Fort Collins. After Longmont who is this group going to solicit? Lafayette? Louisville? Broomfield? We should use the $75,000 instead to recall the City Council.
3/1/2009 9:05:23 AM

Wow, the Lunatic Fringers the LIFTers are working overtime and weekends, must be considerable funds in play. Funny how they refuse to acknowledge that the last two City Councils (run by their developer-lovin pals and theocrat appeasers) didn't do anything with this mill either. But that never stopped a winger from making up more lies.
So what big-screen star would Longmont be, if it were an actor?
To me, Old Longmont would obviously be Strother Martin, vicious, hard-hearted and as old-school as it gets. Luckily, now dead. New Longmont is still trying to be born, despite ironic pitched efforts from the religious right to abort it.

Maybe if the realtors and businessmen that have sucked so much money out of this town over the years would show a little heart and a little decency and support the majority-elected government more positive changes could come about.

Oh, wait, what am I saying?!? The little people might benefit.

Can't have THAT.

Okay, break's over, back on your heads.

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