Monday, March 9, 2009

Walker, Texas Deranger

Apparently, being superhuman takes its toll on the mind...

The past several months have had me really worried about the GOP... they seemed... restive... unhappy even. They had no leadership... they were wandering in the wilderness in stained and torn clothing.

Then the howling and barking started.

I became concerned that the entire GOP was going bugfuck nuts. Today I got absolute proof.

The first tipoff was Limbaugh attacking Newt... absolutely unheard of... but Chuck Norris proves without a doubt that the GOP has lost its collective mind.

I hope someone is collecting all these special moments so there can be a Time-Life series of DVDs and books to chronicle this epic disintegration. I want to invite friends over and watch this over and over again as we munch popcorn and laugh...

Hat tip to the Drudge Retort* and AmericaBlog

* HI DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love how Rush referred to Newt as a 'fly-by-night operator' - so that's a BAD THING now?? Man, I'm confused.


ToLo said...

Chuck Norris is about as big a joke as there is.

I say: if Texas wants to secede, let them. Fuck you, Chuck.

Kaye Fissinger said...

Texas is welcome to secede any time it wants. The real America should, however, allow for political asylum.