Saturday, March 14, 2009


The CO GOP aren't the only Republicans adept at the circular firing squad maneuver:

VA’s Congressional Delegation Calls on Frederick to Resign
Via Bearing Drift, here is a letter sent to RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick yesterday:

March 12,2009
The Honorable JeffFrederick
Chairman, Republican Party ofVirginia
115 E. Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Jeff:

For the good of the Republican Party of Virginia we write today asking that you step aside as chairman in light of the recent call from three-fourths of the State Central Committee seeking your resignation. Clearly it is the sentiment of the grassroots membership of the Party to move in another direction.

With November’s elections rapidly approaching, it is essential that our party be unified as we work to regain control of the governor’s mansion and retain control ofthe House of Delegates. No one will benefit from a protracted battle over the leadership of RPV. It is in that spirit that we ask you to step down.


Frank Wolf
Robert Goodlatte
Eric Cantor
Randy Forbes
Robert Wittman

Guys... (both leaders and party members) you're doing a heckuva job. Please, continue. The ongoing disintegration of the GOP is simply the most lovely thing I've seen in years.

NO, really, go right ahead.

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Mumzee said...

Hmmmmm, must be getting chilly inside that "big tent" now that everybody has gone away.