Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is NOT Good News

Now I'm not nearly so happy.

This article tells me that the GOP might just have a chance at recovering... right after they run out of poo to fling that is, but a real (subatomic but measurable) chance at recovery.

Maybe if we all wear bright clothes and carry fruit... and keep the rocks hidden...


Drudge Retort once again. THANKS!

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ToLo said...

From the comments at the linked site (Apes stashing rocks to fling at zoo visitors proves that apes can plan ahead):

"My cat plans her day around food and naps.
Seriously, how is this a new observation?"

My cat is not too bright. She has yet to figure out that waking me up at 5 in the morning earns her a detention in an unused bedroom until I'm ready to get up.

But even SHE knows that if she stays out a little later, we're easier marks for a 'treat' when she does eventually come inside.

Underestimating the intelligence of animals ... it makes me crazy.