Saturday, March 28, 2009

Techno Wheaties

OOOhhhh... Major Wingnut must have taken a special tech-smarts seminar! He (she?) now knows how to embed videos! OOOHHH!! The Dems might as well pack it in, the battle for techno-superiority is o-ver baby. We haven't a chance in the face of this kind of skill... (giggle).

I don't mind that this horrifically-poorly-done 3D is a blatant ripoff of Avery Ant because it just goes to show that the folks on the right still can't come up with anything new, just more ripoffs and hand-waving.

But when it comes to destroying their own party... they do rock.

Heckuva job kids... heckuva job.

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Hair Trigger said...

The GOP can't figure out where they are anymore. After the neo-cons destroyed their party they've tried to be as popular as progressive by adopting look alikes. Like their party chair, who they now want to get rid of without appearing to be racist.
Time and again we hear from long time conservative Republicans who claim that they're not leaving their party (the GOP), but in fact it left them. Jim Martin, a former CU Regent, wrote an editorial last fall that appeared in many statewide newspapers making exactly that claim.
It's good to have plurality in the US. Voters can see clear differences and make good choices. The GOP can't add to plurality because it is having a personality disorder. Instead of bringing a conservative view, they simply want to be popular. And so they deliver DRIVEL. You may laugh at it, but think of how GOP voters must feel? Vox clamantis in deserto = they are lost ...