Sunday, March 15, 2009

Realtor in Trouble

Fort Collins realtor Niles Stansfield is in a pinch.

The story in the Coloradan states:
The 66-year-old Stansfield, a Fort Collins real-estate agent was arrested March 2 and has since posted a $100,000 property bond. A Fort Collins police investigation by officer Robert Brown, a certified fraud examiner, presented to Larimer County prosecutors earlier this month determined investors gave Stansfield money for purchasing of water rights along the Arkansas River to be sold to municipalities.
Googling and digging around I found this:

From the
Nebraska Real Estate Commission
August 21, 2002 - 9:30 a.m. - Niles Stansfield, Reciprocal Broker Applicant

Director Tyrrell presented an Exhibit which included correspondence regarding Mr. Stansfield's Special Appearance. A copy of said Exhibit is attached to and made a part of these Minutes. Mr. Stansfield was present. Mr. Stansfield said he had come prepared to address the issue of unpaid office bills at Woods Bros., and to explain his leaving the firm twice. Mr. Stansfield presented an Exhibit which included information regarding specific transactions with Woods Bros. A copy of said Exhibit is attached to and made a part of these Minutes, denoted as Exhibit 12a1.

After Mr. Stansfield made his presentation, the Commissioners asked questions regarding the issues addressed.

After discussion, a motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shepard to ratify issuance of Mr. Stansfield's reciprocal broker's license. Motion carried with Johnson, Poskochil, Shepard, Strand, Wiebusch, and Gale voting aye, and with Moline voting nay.
There's a whollllle buncho questions right there.

And then there's the church angle:
Harmony Presbyterian appears here and you see Stansfield's name under the "Fellowship of Fantastic Friends" in the 'Individuals' category.

Also here listed as:
Mr. Niles Stansfield, Land & Water Broker

And I also found this HighBeam Research link from the Pueblo Chieftan:
The Pueblo Chieftain (Pueblo, Colorado)

Amity Canal owners sign options to sell.
January 20, 2005

Byline: Chris Woodka

Jan. 20--Some owners of the Amity Mutual Irrigation Co. have signed options to sell to an unknown buyer, but the exact number is in dispute.

The agent for New Amity Inc., which has been recruiting sales, claims the company has more than half of Amity's 34,662 shares. The canal company's attorney doubts that many have sold.

"I'm a real estate broker for the project," said Niles Stansfield of Fort Collins, who is also listed as registered agent for New Amity in Colorado articles of incorporation. "I don't think anyone wants to reveal anything yet."

Stansfield said Amity's board of directors, whose names he would not divulge, met Jan. 10 to ...


Oughta be interesting to watch this one play out.

Wasn't Muskrat all about water rights...? Hm. HMMM.

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