Sunday, March 15, 2009

Postage Due, Undeliverable

Rebuild the (GOP) Party (because the 'GOP' part apparently isn't obvious... to some...) has this today:
I like the idea of the "Tea Parties", taxpayer protests that we are seeing pop up across the country. Heck, I'm even going to try to attend one on April 15th, but I do see a problem with the whole concept. The problem is media coverage, specifically the lack thereof.
*whoop!!* (falls out of chair laughing) - perhaps the problem is that no one cares about a bunch of disgruntled middle-aged white guys whining about their taxes. But by all means, you keep those protests going. Really. Get together with Biff, Standish and Bud and stomp your golf-shoed feet all you want... just don't expect anyone to give a shit (you clearly have plenty already).

At this rate, soon just saying 'GOP' in public will soon cause spontaneous outbursts of hysterical laughter.

Heckuva job guys... heckuva job... keep it up.


Mumzee said...

Are these not the same diddling, blithering a***(*les who claimed that any of us poor sheeple who objected to sending our blood to die at the request of a Republican President were guilty of no less than treason? Now they are all het up because they are afraid our beloved country may ask for a few more pennies of their MONEY? F*** 'em!

Doogman said...

Precisely. Apparently the 'common wealth' isn't so common anymore.