Saturday, March 21, 2009


The howling of the wingnuts seems to get louder and screechier every day - sometimes every hour.

Here's a classic example from Red Nova (aka 'Praying for Relevancy in the Post-Bush Era')

I love how they're almost Wizard-of-Oz-Lion-like praying 'I do believe in spooks' except it's 'the media is turning on Obama, it is, it Is!, it IS!!!' in a breathless mantra that must take them back to those early days all alone in that tiny little closet... well... we'll talk about that another time...

"Remember how the media laughed at George Bush..." um... that wasn't so much the 'media' as it was the majority of America and the WORLD. And we were all laughing at Bush policy-wise too since he was such a collossal fuckup and general embarrassment, not just to Democrats but Republicans and chimp-trainers everywhere.

So the idea that someone is not just cataloging every single one of Obama and Biden's slips (however minor) but leaping up and down in urine-soaked sweatpants barking like a crack-crazed chihuahua doesn't surprise me one bit since this same brain-trust cheered that pathetic shell of a man on as he gutted the economy like a fish and sent thousands of our country's best to die. (yes that's a long sentence, but it takes a lot of words to accurately describe that level of fucktardery)

Considering the relative severity of their gaffes I think Obama and Bush's public errors might acheive parity sometime after the universe has ended in heat death.... or Red Nova has finally bloated up into a Red-state supergiant and consumed all the other bloggers around them.

God forbid either of the Obamas ever mispronounce a word, 'Not Jim Moran' might ruin yet another pair of Gucci sweatpants.

But hey, I encourage them to keep it up. Four years is a long time to be powerless and impotent (well, in Not Jim's case it's likely been decades)... and eight years is a really long time Jimminy.

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