Sunday, March 15, 2009

Legislate 'em into Submission, YEAH!

Usually I have a pretty high amazement threshold for the GOP's antics... I've seen some astounding things over the last few years.

However, today while reviewing the red sites I read (a man needs entertainment after all!) I came across this at The Colorado Index:
No army ever won a war playing defense. Political parties can't expect to win by playing defense, and as long as the Republican party insists on playing defense, it will lose.

Ahhhh.... so the GOP is an 'army' now is it? Let's hope they don't start conducting para-military raids with all the guns they're buying. You have to rememeber these are people that found the shootings at a Unitarian church funny... and cheered for the loon that walked into the local Democratic HQ and blasted the party chairman point-blank, killing him. Guns and murder are just part of the culture. Kind of like Blackwater is part of the family.
It is time to go on the offensive using the only weapon we have left--the initiative process. Actually, that is what the Democrats did a few years ago with Amendments 23 and 27.

"...go on the offensive..."?? Newsflash General Wingnut, you've been 'on the offensive' for years - your party perfected the politics of personal destruction with the help of Tom "The Hammer" Delay and the right-wing talkshow hosts like Rush Limpbough. Please, get your tenses straight. As for the 'only weapon we have left' you're clearly overlooking the sensory overload from that cologne your party members are fond of. Trust me, you could knock down a whole brigade with that alone. Believe me, you're very much still in the 'threat' column.

But then he attempts to get all devious, which is both amusing and painful to see in someone so obviously detached from reality...
We could make things pretty painful with some one or two sentence initiatives:

Take the Supreme Court, an institution which believes itself to be above the plain language of the constitution.

"No member of the State Supreme Court or lower court judge who ignores the plain language of the state or Federal Constitution may claim immunity or use public funds in any way when sued for damages by any person unless they prevail. This amendment specifically authorizes these lawsuits."

Brilliant. Don't try to make things better, throw wrenches into the gears! Wow. That's so patriotic. Oh... sorry, I forgot, the only time we're supposed to love America is when the GOP is running it (even if it's running it right into the ground).

The rest is just giggling and hand-washing motions suitable only for Johnny Depp outtakes.

Hey, if you barkin-mad monomaniacs want to piss away several more million dollars in failed attempts to fuck with the Supreme Court - go for it. I can think of nothing more damaging to the GOP than to be labelled as 'enemies of the Court'.

You go girl.

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