Sunday, March 15, 2009

Growth for a Better World

That's one of Monsanto's mottos - and it's an eerie echo of the nonstop yammering of the realtors and developers.

In the movie The Matrix, during his interrogation of Morpheus, Agent Smith likens the human race to a virus - and the folks behind our world's insane rush to rip the crust off the planet and gulp down every single last resource in sight truly are.

For years agribusiness companies like Monsanto have tried to force farmers to use only their seeds and the farmers have fought back. So - Monsanto turned to legislation to get what they wanted. First it was 'test fields' that contaminated the natual genetic strains, now it's House Bill 875 which has been around before - and was beaten.

It needs to be beaten again. Write to your Representatives and Senators - call them - drop by and ask them how much money Monsanto is paying them to back this bill.

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