Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The first line of this just made me blurt out:


...please, seek major laxatives immediately or warn those in your vicinity of possible bursting danger.

I mean.... dude.

What infuriates you is that the courts, often with REPUBLICAN JUDGES don't see things your way.

Some folks can see past their party to right and wrong - damn traitors!

Now go read this and you'll see why we're seeing more and more posts like the lead-in.

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ToLo said...

It's the koolaid, dude.

I like how they suggest that the Dems planned to steal Florida in 2000. Those dirty wascals intended to COUNT THE VOTES! How dare they.

I live in Washington state, and I can tell you exactly what happened here in 2004. The Democratic candidate, Christine Gregoire, insisted from the beginning that the recount be allowed to progress according to law -- a law that her opponent, Dino Rossi, helped enact the year before. Every time the count seemed to favor him, he began to cry that "Gregoire should concede! It's clear that she will lose!" But Gregoire calmly insisted that the count should progress according to law. When Rossi seemed to fall behind, he screamed that the recount needed to continue, and might need to be recounted again. Gregoire calmly insisted that it be allowed to progress according to law.

She finally was declared the winner, despite some very curious anomalies in heavily-Democratic King county -- anomalies only in districts that used touch-screen voting machines, oddly.

I am happy to report that it wasn't even close this year. Gregoire mopped up the floor with Dino Rossi.

Amusingly, the word verification function in the blogger protocol tonight is "floging" ...