Sunday, February 22, 2009

While Longmont Simmers, El Paso County Begins to Bubble

Great story over at the Colorado Index:

This starting quote made me immediately think of the LIFT organization in Longmont:
"For a long time, I've been wishing that Republicans would begin to organize extra party funding organizations to compete with the Democrats."
Apparently the local monied strongmen were reading the Watcher's mind...

Later in the article I saw this:
"But, will that money be used to promote party division or party unity? If the above quote isn't clear that the organizers intend this effort to be disruptive..."
Well, 'disruption' is the middle name of the GOP, the Grand Obstructionist/Disruptionist Party.

Seems like every time I read the Colorado Index I end up saying out loud:

"You're STILL a Republican?"

One thing to be a sore loser... quite another to be a sore loser and a slow learner.

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