Friday, February 13, 2009

What State Are You IN

From the Daily Camera:

Student wants name change for BHS

BOULDER — Some students at Boulder High School want to change the name of Colorado’s first high school to Barack Obama High School, according to the Boulder Valley School District.

But the change isn’t likely to happen soon. District policy requires any naming requests to be screened by a committee of community members, school staff and students.

The request, including “historical background and the reasons justifying the proposed names,” would then be forwarded to the superintendent, according to the district.

Renaming an existing school requires “extraordinary circumstances deemed by the Board of Education.”

Boulder High School was founded in 1875 as part of the University of Colorado. Its current building was built in 1933.

Great idea! but remember, you're fighting uphill in a just-turned-blue state.

Scratch the surface and there's BRIGHT BRIGHT RED under there. Dripping, steaming... smoking red.

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