Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Religion Attacking the Public Schools

This story from the outstanding blog Religion Clause caught my eye today:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Vermont Teacher Sued For Proselytizing

Vermont's ACLU announced yesterday that it has filed suit against seventh-grade teacher Wally Rogers, the Irasburg (VT) School District, and Irasburg Village School principal Paul Simmons. The complaint (full text) filed in Vermont federal district court alleges that Rogers has subjected students to religious proselytizing, and that school officials have failed to respond to complaints. It is alleged that Rogers added Christian books to student book lists, purchased those books with school funds and offered students enhanced credit for reading them. The suit also claims hat Rogers retaliated against students who complained about his conduct. Ultimately the two families involved removed their children from the school in which Rogers teaches. Today's Rutland Herald reports on the case.

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Howard Friedman
7:25 AM

Every time I read some wingnut spew about liberals attacking churches I wonder how many stories like this have gone unreported for years.

The cold, hard truth is that religious right-wingers have absolutely no compunction about stomping all over the law when it suits their purpose. These people are dangerous and when well-funded can do severe damage. Read Kingdom Coming to see what I mean.

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