Thursday, February 19, 2009

Radio Polyp

Jon Caldera is a real piece of work.

By implication*, he's mouthed the following lies:
  1. Governor Ritter is a thief - transcript and video.
  2. Obama's Recovery bill would cost $30K per family - transcript and video.
  3. Obama's Recovery bill would force doctors to use certain protocols - transcript and video.
  4. Global warming is caused by solar flares - transcript and video.
  5. The Colorado Supreme Court declared itself part of the legislative branch - transcript and video
  6. Obama is a Marxist - transcript and video.
  7. The New Deal did not work - transcript and video.
  8. The UAW killed the auto industry bailout bill - transcript and video.
  9. Environmentalists have 'halted' domestic energy exploration - debunked.
  10. The Independence Institute feeds 'accurate' information to media - transcript and video.
There's many many more examples of exactly how dishonest, vicious and ignorant this sad little man is - but he did get an award for being a loudmouth so I guess that counts for something with certain wingnut elite. I'm sure Major Wingnut loves him.

Jon Caldera is the living, breathing example of a hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool, stone-headed, cold-blooded and hateful wingnut attack-dog.

In my opinion, to believe anything Jon Caldera says, one would have to have an I.Q. far below the bright mass in this photo:

Only in Colorado of the past could this troglodyte have flourished. Luckily, though, Colorado is now a Blue State and I suspect Jon "Steamin Pile" Caldera's fortunes are about to change.

* the method of lying and sliming favored by the GOP.

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