Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now THAT'S a halftime show!

UPDATED: Comcast offers $10 credit to Tucson customers who saw Super Bowl porn
By Brian J. Pedersen
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 02.02.2009

The pornographic content that interrupted thousands of local Comcast subscribers’ Super Bowl broadcast was the result of an “isolated malicious act,” a company spokeswoman said Monday.

But company officials have yet to determine how that act was committed, spokeswoman Kelle Maslyn said, though any sort of equipment malfunction has been ruled out.

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Now, let me get this straight...

"...the interruption, which lasted about 30 seconds, and featured full male nudity."
and was described thusly:
"...the result of an “isolated malicious act...”
Hm. I'm thinking control room employees should be treated with more respect, they can clearly cause a great deal of corporate pain.
Cora King of Marana tells the Arizona Daily Star. "Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out."
I'm surprised any of the football fans noticed anything except that the quarterback was lined up really, really close and was having a lot of false starts.

But at least he scored.

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