Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Learning" Curve

When I see stuff like this in my news reader (completely blank entry saved and posted on a blog):

it makes stuff like this even funnier:
Following two election cycles in which Republicans saw Democrats best
them in technological innovations, the Republican National Committee
is throwing open its doors to conservative technophiles for a
technology summit to get input on how to improve.

Bloggers, Web 2.0 fans and others who see technology as the next step
toward reasserting the party will meet at RNC headquarters on Friday
and will be given an opportunity to address the new administration for
periods of five minutes each.
OOOhhh... a whole five minutes -each- !
"We can't be satisfied by catching up. We must learn to be better,"
Steele wrote in his "Blueprint for Tomorrow." "We must assemble the
best and brightest minds, get to work, and win the technology battle."
So it's a battle is it?

If it's a battle of wits, Major Wingnut and his compadres in the 101st Fighting Keyboardists better 'uparm' asap...

There's even more about this at the Lake.

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