Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheerleaders from Hell

Just saw this comment at the Times-Call:
Why don't you just look at Japan circa 1990 to see how it will work out? They did this "experiment", and it didn't work. Let's see now, Japan had a banking crisis and a recession. They responded with no less than 8 massive stimulus packages, and a series of measures to prop up bad banks (sound familiar). The final nail in their economy was raising taxes to deal with their huge debt (I see obama has just proposed doing this, so we're right on schedule). Welcome to the beginning of the new Lost American Decade (Japan 2.0, the sequel).
Um, let's see, the Japanese car industry is still kicking the living crap out of Detroit, which has kept paying their execs ludicrous salaries and benefits for FAILING. Their electronics industry is still selling products and their students are outperforming ours by a huge ratio.

The 'New Lost American Decade' started in 2000, jackass. And you voted it in.

Guess what, you LOST the moment you reelected Bush. Your pathetic joke of a president and travesty of a party managed to turn the majority of the country against themselves and LOST.

So now all you and your Limbaugh-listening LOSER pals can do is hope and PRAY the entire COUNTRY fails just so you can dance on its grave.

Jesus Bloody Christ, the GOP stormtroopers have gone stark staring crazy.

But I don't want them to be quiet, oh no... please, by all means, GO ON. KEEP TALKING.


ToLo said...

Good call, Doogman. Typical Repugnican behavior: screw things up horribly, then blame the guys who have to fix it.





Doogman said...

I love how this anonymous (HOW HEROIC!) commenter talks about the 'final nail' but in true weasel-fashion neglects to mention the nonstop nail-gunning of the economy by the rabid tooth-gritted Jack T. Rippers of the GOP. Outsourcing, tax cuts for the mega-rich, gutting of infrastructure projects, stealing the funds to support the troops THEY sent to fight a made-up war, etc, etc! I guess it's true when the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails. I'm hoping this 'last nail' is the one that slams the coffin lid on the Grand Ole Party once and for all.