Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wingnut Wipeout Week

It's so nice that someone cares about Katie Witt's campaign.

It's sweet that the WWFHA1 of Longmont have a support group - they can help in times of disaster... like when your 'party' has been utterly crushed and made itself a complete laughingstock wandering the wilderness in badly-ripped bourbon-soaked clothes.2

Yup. She ran a 'heckuva' campaign.

And lost badly to Brandon Shaffer - a real statesman, veteran and all-around decent human being. She got stomped so bad even her website is dead... what IS that piece of artwork? A copy of a tattoo from an undisclosed location?

Go watch her Sept. 9th 2008 address to City Council and see why the majority of the voters didn't find her 'impressive'... at least not in a good way...

Oh, and that sweet, lovable mask comes right off at the first hint of disagreement... if you've met her and asked questions about her positions on pretty much anything you've seen that 'other face' - in my opinion, that's what cost her the election. People don't like being snarled at by their future rep.

She did, however, support FasTracks, so I suppose she's not all bad.3
1. Wingnut Women's Fringe and Homeschooling Alliance
2. Now 'n' will have someone to rant with (at least until the TicTacs run out) aside from the usual suspects.
3. Just mostly


Chris Rodriguez said...

Do I have your attention?

You’ve been warned repeatedly to cease and desist, but you show no signs of ceasing your stalking and public harassment of me and my wife, from your writings to your public speaking. This goes way beyond “freedom of speech” with your attacks spreading to entities, subjects, and public figures we reference - and we have no control over the legal actions they may take.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t post this, plenty of people are aware of what you’ve been doing anyway. Some of these people you might consider politically friendly, but not politically stupid enough to put their neck on the line for you. You’d be wise (for the 3rd or 4th time) to remove anything and everything related to us and not repeat, without comment. But you’ve been asked that before, and by your continued actions only prove you have no intentions of ceasing this activity.

You seriously need to keep in mind that how you decide to move forward affects more than just yourself. You need to ask yourself if this game you’re playing is really worth it. We are through playing games.

ToLo said...

I don't recall seeing mention of your name or blogs in Dooty and Honor. To what are you referring? Those are some seriously confrontational words.