Friday, January 30, 2009

Wingers on the March!

Generale di Jesus has this spine-tingling update on the reforming of the American Militias.

There are many signs that suggest a resurgence of America's militia movement is underway. These self-styled patriots mask a racist, nativist, authoritarian movement under the guise of liberty, republicanism, and small-government conservatism. They proved useful to "mainstream" conservatives in the past because they could be relied upon to vote their fears and hatred, which meant voting consistently against Democrats and even moderate Republicans.
Well, they have to do something with all those guns they bought.


Mumzee said...

My friends and I were wondering just the other day how long it would be before those creeps that were too scared to join up would be crawling through the woods again, playing soldier and spouting their disloaylty to the country. A word of warning: they should be careful. The "posse commitatus" that was cancelled by Bush has not yet been reversed and they may find themselves facing REAL soldiers.

Doogman said...

Wouldn't THAT be the most incredibly ironic confluence of stupidity AND accountability.