Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winger Wet Pants

The American Stinker, errr Thinker ruined a pair of very-tighty-whities today:

The blocks appear to be temporary -- more a nuisance than a threat. But this morning, websites for the Republican National Committee, Real Clear Politics, and Pajamas Media were all blocked with the caption:

Warning -- visiting this web site may harm your computer! ...

The potential for this gigantic corporation to game the free flow of information to suit its own ideological ends is frightening. Everyone -- liberals and conservatives -- should be concerned when ideological attacks like this take place. reported on the outage and caught the panty-waisted pseudo-patriots with their linen around their ankles.

This comment was right to the point though:

Well the point probably is that the conservatives (not as stupid as we would like to think) merely exploited the situation to get attention - as they are more pathetic and needy than ignorant.... if we call them stupid and just laugh at them, we will not take them as seriously as we should - and then put them in jail and make them clean toilets for 10 years...

Hat tip to The Drudge Retort!

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