Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whiskey for breakfast

Ye God I love Whiskey - Whiskey Fire that is.

Today Molly Ivors has a wonderful piece about GOP whining:

January 18, 2009
You Want Some Cheese With That?

by Molly Ivors

As Thers notes, Barack Obama is very, very popular, and the American people are ready to give him plenty of time and resources to lead us out of the various shitholes left by the exiting administration.

But not everyone is happy.

Whining is never becoming, but sometimes it's really goddamn funny. Twenty-something McCainiac S.E. Cupp, for one.

But I was just starting to rejoin the general population and eat solid foods again. And now I must brace myself for Tuesday, when all of Washington, the country -- the world! -- boogies down in honor of the man I was absolutely certain would be a mere momentary distraction.

The Franklin Mint is telling me that I need to honor this historic election by buying commemorative coins bearing Obama's face. Life magazine thinks I should own its picture book, "The American Journey of Barack Obama." And Comcast has decided that I should want to watch Obama coverage 24 hours a day on their new channel devoted to The One.

In the face of all this excitement, it's not an easy thing, moving on, especially for young conservatives, who don't have decades of experience behind us dealing with losses to Kennedy, Carter and Clinton. Many of my friends who worked for McCain had hoped to find jobs in his administration -- but now they're merely lawyers, bankers and consultants again, and in some cases have gone back to companies that no longer have room for them and industries that have been decimated by the economic crisis. I'm a political writer and commentator, so Obama's election is actually good news for me, professionally. I now get to respectfully disagree, rather than obsequiously concur.

Let's parse this astounding piece of unintentionally revealing tripe, shall we?

and the 'parsing' is glorious.

Go read it and laugh out loud.
I did.

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