Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weight of Dishonor

Some time back A Watcher1 at The Colorado Index took issue with one of my comments - even though they2 point-blank say they don't post my comments because they object to my referring to them as "wingers3" but I apparently hit a nerve when I sent this comment (yes, I was somewhat pissed OFF - from being pissed ON for the umpteenth time):
NO, it doesn't seem 'unimportant'. I've lost numerous family and friends in war, Vietnam chiefly. It's NOT a simple thing either. I was taught NOT to salute soldiers because I was a civilian and it was not proper. I know it's hard to believe, but I've been to the Vietnam Memorial, knelt and wept at seeing a friend's name. The cherished belief on the right that Democrats don't value or respect our soldiers is repulsive and puerile. You dishonor our nation when you continually mouth this evil.
So, of course, this fine um... person4 went off into a long and torturous rant about 'in my life' and made a number of remarks that I felt deserved a response5.

I won't quote this person's entire article - I leave the cross-referencing to you, dear readers. Besides, do check out The Colorado Index, they can use the traffic - those fractions-of-pennies-per-hit add up, albeit slowly. Remember though, a political litmus test is applied, so if you comment assume it will never see the light of day6.
  • If, as you claim, the Democrats don't respect the military, why did the GOP-controlled Congress for eight years refuse to equip our soldiers properly? You want people to carry the dishonor they brought upon themselves? Then I assume you'll be among the first to condemn the GOP for helping Bush start, expand and sustain the war in Iraq - which, according to Alan Greenspan, was about oil. There's some dishonor for ya. Hope y'all kin carry it.
  • Democrats sent soldiers to Vietnam? Did you conveniently forget Eisenhower? Or Tricky Dick Nixon's carpet-bombing and Agent Orange spraying of huge swathes of that country (and then lying about it), doing spectacular damage to the ecosystem as well as thousands of vets - which GOP-controlled Congresses subsequently fought like hell to avoid paying medical benefits for? Oh, and while we're on the subject of medical benefits - why didn't ALL the VA hospitals get a huge increase in funding during the Bush years if the GOP cares so deeply for our troops? Go tell it to the Marines - the ones in the burn ward, the amputee ward and the psych ward. Don't worry, there's still plenty there - and will be for the foreseeable future since your glorious chimp-in-chief fucked up so badly it will take years to extricate our troops now. Oh, and don't forget to take some of those terribly-cute 'Purple Heart Band-aids' - the troops will just love those, they just scream 'I respect you'.
  • I defy you to show me any verifiable proof of any vet ever being spat on - that's another Big Lie that's been repeated so often everyone gulps it down without question. Besides, you and I both know that any civilian stupid enough to spit on a trained combat soldier would be lucky to walk away alive. Sorry, I call bullshit specifically on that.
  • One of the soldiers 'not named' by the 'Future Democratic candidate for President' turned out to be William Calley who was responsible for the cold-blooded execution of 109 Vietnamese civilians of Son My, better known as the My Lai Massacre. At least Kerry had the balls to say something, unlike many of his 'superiors'. Not even Nixon would pardon Calley and that's significant.
  • Sorry to hear about your cold winter. Unit id? Date?
  • I'd like to know the date and title of the talk you're referring to so I could know what remarks you're clearly distorting.
  • As for Kuwait, even Bush Sr. didn't want to follow the Iraqis back home - he had the wits to pull out - pity he didn't exercise that wisdom before Jr. was conceived.
  • Uniforms in the White House? So what. Really. You're grasping at straws.
  • As for using M1 tanks against the Somalis... you're absolutely right, we should have used tanks - maybe even nukes. How dare those pipsqueaks have the nerve to starve on top of our oil! Bomb them back to the stone age... whoops, too late, they're already there. Ingrates.
  • Soliders shouldn't have the right to speak out? Don't you think they EARN IT? Freedom of speech is for ALL AMERICANS - especially those in uniform - if it's good enough for you OUT of uniform, it's good enough for them IN uniform. Seems like the Founding Fathers thought that Freedom of Speech was pretty important ... that you haven't gotten that 'in your life' tells me you're either a very slow learner or obdurately obtuse. I suspect both.
  • The President salutes by tradition, not by military law. The fact that Obama salutes at all is one thing, that he took the time and trouble to learn to do it properly is quite another - knowing his penchant for detail he probably learned all the variants for the all the service branches. You'd think in the three years of vacation time Chimpy took off he could have done the same. Obama shows more respect to American soldiers than the entire GOP ever has. The only reason GWB salutes properly was that he got to play pretend hero flying in a champagne squadron while good men were dying in and over Vietnam. Your party's support of that shirking little shit is a dishonor I intend to make sure you and your fellow wingnuttians carry for the rest of your twisty days.
And so, as the smell of diesel fumes wafts into the night, I bid a fond adieu to my counterpart who from this time forward will be known affectionately as "Major Wingnut7"

Oh, and here's a special, totally-appropriate salute just for you:

1. Anonymous as is often the case with wingers. Not always but often... something to do with stones.
2. I use a neuter pronoun since 'watcher' doesn't imply a gender and much of the vitriol has a distinctive, feminine 'feel' to it. Maybe this person's a male but just real sensitive side.
3. You know, wingnuts, whackjobs, neocons.
4. Again, without knowing gender, I didn't feel it proper to apply she or he and didn't want to cause undue stress to such a delicate flower.
5. Since tranquilizer darts are expensive.
6. Much like their heads...
7. Mostly cause 'General Wingnut' was already taken...
I begin to wonder if Watcher is Bentley Rayburn incognito - all the clues point that way... which makes 'Major Wingnut' doubly apropo.

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Bing Van Gorden said...

The term RINO is tossed about when a Republican strays from the narrow minded script you so succinctly exposed as the height of hypocrisy that it is. I call these folks, AINOs. Yes that's right. The term fits, and sounds about right too. Americans in name Only. While the left was demanding our troops get better armor, be used more effectively and prudently and decried the antics of military contractors who put our troops in greater danger, the AINOs thought waving a flag and calling us traitors was an appropriate display of support.